Black Friday – Using Google Drive to Send Free Examples of Element Vape E Liquid to My Door

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Black Friday – Using Google Drive to Send Free Examples of Element Vape E Liquid to My Door

Black Friday – Using Google Drive to Send Free Examples of Element Vape E Liquid to My Door

Element Vape is a vaporizer/nicorette products from California based out of Oakland. This is one of several companies for the reason that region that produce what they call “Etherwind”. This is essentially an upgraded version of the older model “Ether Vaporooter” products. I’ve seen websites claiming this product is superior to the original but I am not just a technical person and will only advise you on the facts I have seen thus far.

Element Vape

There is no real difference between the two other than the brand. They’re both convection based products that use heating elements to change the temperature of a liquid or elixir in liquid form. The difference is that the newer version, the Element Vape, has some really nice features and functions. The very first thing that struck me as I exposed the box was the fact that the outer box had a window so that the owner could observe how their new product worked. This was great because then I could consider the temperature control display that is on the back of the machine.

My next concern was having less business hours, since I live in a town where there is absolutely no local shop that sells these items. Since I reside in a college town with many local shops selling these kinds of devices, I immediately thought this may be a problem. As it happens, my first assumption was correct because you can find no business hours for Element Vape at the moment. The other concern I have is that the address provided is very short and could have possibly been typed in wrong. As it proved, the owner of the business enterprise is out of town and working from his home which means this concern was completely misplaced.

Other than the address entries on the bottom of the box, customer service is the same as almost every other vaporizer I have bought before. I love that because I need not be worried about waiting on hold or coping with some fly by night company that doesn’t answer calls and return emails. I also really like the fact that the customer service number is on the box so I can actually call them easily have any questions or concerns. Another thing I liked about the customer support number is that it’s on the outside of the box, so someone actually called to take care of my order. I highly recommend this because if the product arrives damaged or the battery dies soon after purchasing it, you will need to be sure you know who to call to get your money back.

Shipping time on my two sample boxes of Element Vape was slightly more than average. Upon delivery, I noticed that the tops of the batteries were cracked slightly from being outside the box for a period of time. Upon closer inspection, the standard of the batteries is strictly what I had envisioned. Upon first use, I came across that the flavor of the merchandise was a lot more crisp and smooth than I was expecting and also compared to the flavors of regular inhalers. I highly appreciate that the maker chose to utilize the adult signature formula together with my deal because I really like just how it tastes when I’m not ready to smoke yet.

The flavor of my Element Vaporizer also performed much better than I anticipated. It is probably the most advanced electronic cigarettes out there and I always expected a top quality product but this unit exceeds all expectations. The flavor also did not change throughout the entire session unlike other brands that burn up quickly. I highly recommend giving an electric cigarette company a try when you are thinking about Smok Novo 2 trying an ecotryp based product for the first time. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy and enjoyable my experience with the Element Vape was.

One of the better features about the Element Vape may be the way they combine the adult signup bonus and reward points making use of their free shipping. The coupon code comes with my order in order that I receive two free bottles of the newest juice blend from Element Vape. On Black Friday, when most major shops will start selling their merchandise on the internet, my package will reach my door just in time for me to enjoy an excellent evening with my spouse. Both of us like to smoke and getting the option to buy a new bottle of juice anytime we wish during the week makes smoking with my partner fun any moment. And what better way to enjoy some fresh juices while carrying it out than with free samples of your favorite?

My favorite part about the design of my new juice cooler is the fact that it appears like something out of a sci fi movie. It includes a clear cover that means it is easy to see when you wish to change out the flavor of your juice, looked after has two separate chambers for the replacement of your wick and coil. This makes for perfect storage of both coils and the fruit. Also, the two chambers let me replace the wick and coil without fretting about damaging or destroying the glass jar. The customer service reps at the store were helpful and kept me informed about my options and the advantages of ordering through their online website.

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